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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed by Marsha Linehan. While it was original developed for the treatment of borderline personality disorder, the research supports its utility for a variety of other mental health problems, including clinical depression, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder. The conceptualization of disorders is based on the idea that highly sensitive individuals learn to regulate emotions in dysfunctional ways, often further exacerbating emotional distress and complicating interpersonal relationships. The treatment emphasizes the use of skills to cope effectively with emotions and relationships. DBT skills include mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. This is conducted through both groups and individual therapy, as well as 24-hour telephone coaching to help patients with real-life implementation of skills. We also help guide family members in how to be more effective in our DBT for Families Group.

There is a wealth of evidence supporting the effectiveness of DBT. Conducting fully-adherent Dialectical Behavior Therapy is complex and requires specific training, as well as an ongoing consultation team.  Our DBT- trained multidisciplinary team meets to individualize each treatment plan ("Blueprint") and meets several times weekly to discuss and revise treatment for each patient, allowing for the most effective treatment planning possible. Our program also utilizes pre-and post-measures, as well as ongoing weekly treatment measures to  guide treatment planning and monitoring progress.  

All clinical staff have been formally trained by Marsha Linehan's Institute Training Company, Behavioral Tech

We specialize in treating Borderline Personality Disorder and other Personality Disorders. We also offer services in-person and virtually. 

Want to know more about DBT? This link will take you to a page with great information and short clips with specific information:


What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)? – Behavioral Tech

Our program offers several levels of DBT. We offer the standard DBT, which consists of one weekly general DBT group and one weekly individual DBT processing therapy session. Team consultation, 24-hour coaching, DBT for Families Group, and progress measures are also included. 

For individuals who need more intensive treatment, we offer additional DBT groups and individual DBT processing sessions. We also offer concurrent treatment for co-occurring disorders that are targets for treatment because they themselves complicate the overall progress. With a large staff with multiple specialties, we are able to work together to help solve a multitude of problems.

We begin with a comprehensive assessment, which includes psychological testing to inform proper diagnosis. We then work to conceptualize not only how problems developed, but also how they are being maintained so that treatment can specifically target areas needed for successful change.

For individuals working with an outside primary therapist who recommends DBT skills groups and can process the use of skills with you, we offer a multitude of DBT groups to augment your therapy.

Learn more about our program and what we offer on our main About Us page by clicking here. Common Q & A can also be accessed by clicking here.

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