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We recognize that during the COVID-19 health crisis, patients are still in need of care. We can provide that care.

Our office is a high-tech paperless office with the capability to provide services virtually through remote access to resources and video telehealth. Patients are meeting in real-time video therapy for groups and individual therapy.  Our staff has creatively found ways to meet with patients through videoconference so that they can also participate in adjunctive services, such as Art Therapy, Dietitian Services, and Medication Management. We send patients the resources they need via email, our website, and our telehealth program; we provide lists of items to have handy for groups and individual sessions. In addition, we have compiled many links and resources for patients to access from home that will enrich their treatment experience.

Our program remains a highly individualized treatment program that is comprehensive and integrative. Our team remains "in-house" collaborating, conceptualizing, reviewing treatment progress, and consistently revising each patient's treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Individualized care is the hallmark of our program and it has been important for us to maintain the integrity of the quality of treatment we provide. As such, we continue to conduct our comprehensive "Blueprint" assessments both in-person and virtually with patients. We provide patients with access to intake paperwork through our HIPAA-compliant electronic health records (EHR) program. We then schedule the initial clinical interview with a Board Certified Licensed Psychologist in-person or virtually. The psychological assessments needed to help us develop a specialized treatment plan for each patient are also made available for completion remotely. 

Our offices sees patients in-person when necessary and appropriate. Our clinicians have been fully vaccinated, we practice safe social distancing guidelines, common areas and surfaces are sanitized, and offices are equipped with multiple medical-grade HEPA H-13 air filters.

Please feel free to review additional information about our program, our highly qualified staff, and the many services we provide. Contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a Comprehensive "Blueprint" Assessment.

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