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Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use

You may not require residential treatment for your substance use difficulties. Many patients do not require inpatient detox or residential treatment. We can help you determine your needs via a thorough assessment. If detox or residential is recommended, we can help you with appropriate referrals. If residential treatment is not warranted, intensive outpatient programs provide patients with unique opportunities to acquire knowledge about themselves, learn skills in therapy, and then apply those skills at home, work, and socially. Ongoing therapy not only provides support, but also helps fine-tune the use of skills in day-to-day life, and works to problem-solve the challenges that patients encounter.


How OUR program is different:

1. First and foremost, our program is individualized in unprecedented ways. We begin with a comprehensive assessment that is reviewed by a team of licensed psychologists in order to develop a treatment plan that suits each patient's specific needs. Treatment is well-thought-out, planned, and monitored. Patients are not admitted into "cookie-cutter" treatment.

2. Our staff consists only of licensed and board certified professionals. Individual therapy and groups are run by Licensed Psychologists, not interns, techs, or peers in recovery.

3. We treat the underlying causes of substance abuse. There are often underlying difficulties that either precipitate or result from substance use. If these difficulties are left unresolved, patients are at a much greater risk of relapse.


4. This program is perfect for individuals who are struggling to get their lives on track in a multitude of ways. We provide case management to ensure that what is learned in therapy generalizes to the outside world, and we have a multidisciplinary team in place to help solidify those changes.

We begin with a comprehensive individualized assessment which consists of a face-to-face interview and psychological testing with a Board Certified Licensed Psychologist. This allows us to gather detailed information about your life and the changes you need/would like to make. We use this information to create a highly personalized treatment plan or “Blueprint” for change. We use multiple therapies and services to build the plan that is right for you.

With a staff of highly educated, qualified, and licensed individuals, we will provide you with the tools necessary in-house to implement a number of life changes needed for continued sobriety. Although each "Blueprint" is different, the services during the week include:

  • Individual Psychotherapy 

    • We use all evidence-based ​therapies

      • Dialectical Behavior Therapy​ (teens and adults)

      • Traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

      • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

      • Emotion-Focused Therapy

      • Unified Protocol

      • Exposure-Response Prevention

      • Prolonged Exposure Therapy

      • Biofeedback

      • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

      • Social Skills Training

      • Many other treatments available

  • Couples/Family Therapy

  • Group Psychotherapy (multiple groups)

    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (teens and adults)

      • Mindfulness​

      • Distress Tolerance

      • Emotion Regulation

      • Interpersonal Effectiveness

    • Social Anxiety

    • Trauma

    • Team Collaboration

    • Art Therapy

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Substance Abuse

    • Eating Disorders

    • Grief and Loss

    • Lunch & Learn Education

    • Self-Enrichment

  • Psychiatry​

  • Registered Dietitian​

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Budgeting/Debt Consolidation

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Career Counseling

Program Completion comes with a Support Year so that you have continued support and access to services for 1 year following program completion.

The Support Year includes:

  • 1 year of FREE access to weekend seminars with VIP advanced registration

  • 1 year of 50% off all services

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