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Our Intensive Program
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Dr. Lori Eickleberry has been working with patients in South Florida for over 17 years. A few years ago, she met with other local psychologists in response to a tremendous need for quality patient care. Patients struggle not only with anxiety, mood, interpersonal, and behavioral challenges, but their lives may also be complicated by time management, financial strain, career stress, relationship discord, medication management needs, and poor diet and exercise. In addition, patients are often looking for more social support, and a greater connection to meaning and purpose. 
Expecting patients to coordinate all of this on their own proved challenging. So, we created a program with a multidisciplinary team, collaboratively working together to ensure that each patient gets the best possible overall care.
Our program is different than other programs and follows a model we created. People with complex needs often find therapy unsuccessful because it does not target their specific needs. An example might be someone who has an addiction to alcohol and needs treatment, however, they might also have social anxiety that interferes with attendance to therapy and skills groups. Both need to be treated--at the same time. In our program, a person may have two or three individual therapists working on specific things, while all of their providers are working together coordinating their care under one roof.
Our Intensive Program is a highly individualized treatment program tailored to each individual's needs. After an Initial Assessment appointment, we provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically for you. We call this our "Blueprint" and no two are alike. A Blueprint determines which therapy style and which service providers are right for you, as well as how often you will meet and which specific goals you will work to achieve. Whether or not you decide to follow through with the recommended "Blueprint" is completely up to you. If you decide to complete your individualized "Blueprint" program, the cost of your Initial Assessment is put toward the cost of your treatment. 
After 12 years of successful private practice, we created this additional program out of necessity. Weekly therapy simply isn't enough for many individuals struggling to get their lives on track. People are complex. Simply put--the complexities of a person's life often get in the way of progress. Because individuals' complex situations vary, treatment programs whose structure is the same for everyone is less than ideal. This does not make the best use of the patient's time in treatment--they may get services they don't need and miss out on services they do. In our program, the therapy chosen, the groups, the seminars, and the adjunctive services are both chosen and designed specifically for you.
What is more--research shows that what we are doing is working. Please see our Testimonials & Research Page to find out more.
We have a number of well-trained staff equipped to treat a number of psychological and phase of life difficulties. Our staff is licensed, competent, experienced, friendly, empathetic, and professional. Our beautiful offices are warm and inviting. 
How do i know what I need?
The cost of the first session is $600 and is "non-committal." This is how you learn more about your specific treatment recommendations and cost of treatment:
  1. Schedule an "Initial Blueprint Assessment," which includes:​​​​
    1. An Initial Clinical Interview with a Board Certified Licensed Psychologist​
    2. Professional Psychological testing
  2. Over the next couple of days, our team of psychologists meets to discuss the details of your case and develop a personalized treatment plan designed ​specifically for your needs.
  3. You are scheduled a feedback appointment to review the details of your proposed Initial Blueprint Treatment Plan and so that we can answer all of your questions. If you decide to continue, the cost of your Initial Blueprint Assessment is put toward your treatment. If not, you leave with quality information regarding your specific needs and the door remains open for the future. If you decide not to do our program, we will help guide you with referrals.
A la Carte Services

Groups, classes, seminars, and individual therapy. From psychology to nutrition, yoga, family, career, and budgeting--we help you get your life on track!

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What may be included in an individualized "blueprint" treatment plan?

Although each "Blueprint" is different, services include:

Blueprint also includes the follow up services:

  • 1-year of free access to weekend seminars with VIP advanced registration

  • 1-year of 50% off any/all additional services

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Se Habla Español. Por favor llama y pregunta por la Dra.  Mariana Cordova.


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