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Practicing Self-Compassion in 5 Steps

1. Practice gratitude

Often times we forget to be thankful for the small things happening in our every day lives. Look at the small annoying tasks, such as doing laundry or the dishes, as opportunities to remind ourselves of all the small blessings we have. When we pay attention to the small things, we can see the rest of the world with kinder eyes.

2. Be kind to yourself

When friends ask for advice, we try to be as kind and honest as possible. However, do we do the same to ourselves? Are we being kind with the way we talk to ourselves? Try to practice talking to yourself how you would talk to your friends.

3. Forgive yourself

Sometimes we struggle to accept that we are only human and we make mistakes. Let's forgive ourselves and learn from those mistakes.

4. Allow yourself to "unlearn"

If we are capable of being kind to ourselves and forgiving, we can open a space to unlearn. Unlearn those mixed messages that society has sent our way that have made us believe our productivity is a measure of our own worth. Unlearn those inner beliefs that you are not enough.

5. Give yourself a break

Give yourself permission to say "I am enough" and "I am doing enough." Appreciate everything you have accomplished. Don't abandon your beliefs, your authenticity, or yourself. Instead, take a break. Take 5 minutes to meditate, breathe, listen to your favorite song, or simply disconnect.

Original post written by child and adolescent clinical psychologist, Mariana Plata