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3 Ways to Manage "Guilty Eating" over the Holidays

If you're the type of person to struggle with guilt due to eating habits, the holidays and their wide assortment of rich foods can be tough to get through! Here are a few ways you can minimize guilt in relation to eating this holiday season:

1. Make a Choice

Before arriving to that party, decide how you are going to handle eating habits. Are you going to allow yourself to eat your favorite dessert that makes you happy? Are second and third helpings of a rare dish encouraged? Tell yourself ahead of time what you will and won't do to minimize the mental debate as you are standing over the serving tray.

2. Commit to the Choice

Resist the urge to shame yourself the next day (or the next minute after eating a plate of your favorite pumpkin-vanilla-cookie cake). Own the choice you made. Tell yourself, "if I were to do it again, I would. I decided to enjoy myself and have fun... and I did!"

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Use the experience you had to inform your decisions in the future. Instead of criticizing and scolding yourself on what you "should have done," ask yourself how you will handle it differently next time.

Happy Holidays!

Live a little; you're only human!

Original article by Rachel Hershenberg, Ph.D