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Tips to practice Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Institute for Life Renovation!

Try these exercises to practice gratitude:

  • Walk slowly and purposefully with your gaze looking downward. Silently say something you’re thankful for every time you take a step.

  • Recognize positive emotions and save the memory for later by writing them down.

  • Make a point to tell your favorite people how much they mean to you. Write them a letter, email, or tell them in person or over the phone.

  • Think of something you are ungrateful for (job, relationship, health, finances, etc.). Now think of all the things that are good about it. For example, maybe your job you dislike provides you with money to support yourself or your family. Perhaps your unwanted health condition has allowed you time to reflect on the meaning of your life in a new way. Maybe your difficult financial situation has shed light on ways to be resourceful that you never realized before.

  • Need help finding something you're grateful for? Try the alphabet; think of something you are grateful for that starts with each letter in the alphabet. "I'm thankful for my Aunt Anna, Banana's Foster that I will eat tonight, my Career, ..."