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Ways to Lower Anxiety and Avoidance in College and Beyond

Exposure tasks are helpful for those who have fear of embarrassment or being judged as stupid by classmates and professors. Exposure tasks validate your needs and teaches you not to be afraid to ask for what you want. The challenges below list several exposure tasks for young adults; try them!

Emotional Readiness Challenges

Identify what you are feeling and communicate it to others.

Practice delayed gratification by completing a less desirable task first.

Make room for imperfection by submitting an imperfect assignment.

Raise your hand in class and start your sentence with, “I’m having trouble understanding…”

Order food and then change your order.

Academic Readiness Challenges

Adhere to a regular schedule.

Ask for help or clarification on homework assignments or testing materials.

Make an effort to speak to your professor after class.

Make your own dentist and doctor appointments.

Make a phone call and ask “basic” questions that may be obvious or awkward.

‘Adulting’ Challenges

Wake up on your own with an alarm.

Return an item to the store.

Make your bed daily.

Maintain a sleep schedule that allows 7-8 hours of sleep (you must wake up and go to sleep the same time each day for at least 6 days per week).

Make three meals a day (eggs, cereal, and pasta don’t count).

Know how to write a check, balance a budget, and pay bills.

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