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Improving Tolerance--Part 1 of 5

Intolerance can not only impact the longevity of relationships (work and personal), but it can also leave people feeling anxiety, depression, and chronic discontent. People who have more tolerance can let things go easier and use their energy to better focus on things that are positive and important. This makes them not only more effective, but better to be around. Improving your tolerance is not a simple or easy task, but absolutely possible--with practice. I'll be posting a series of 5 tools for practice. This is the first of the five: COMPASSION Start with a commitment to practice more compassion daily, which is essentially related to empathy. 1. You can improve your ability to feel empathy by imaging what others may be feeling. 2. Look for commonalities between yourself and others. 3. If you imagine another to be suffering, imagine that you would like their pain and suffering to go away. Wish that for them. 4. Imagine what you could do to help ease their suffering. 5. Use those who mistreat you as the ultimate opportunity to practice this. Imagine their background, childhood, bad things that must have happened to them. What suffering must be going on in their mind for them to have mistreated you? See if you can imagine trying to help them by easing their suffering. Imagine if you mistreated someone, how it would feel to have them respond to you in kindness.