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Tiny Slivers of Joy

I often speak with my patients about the important of experiencing what I refer to as Tiny Slivers of Joy. This is easier said than done when a person is experiencing anxiety or depression, which tend to distract the mind from joy. Here is a couple of ways to experience some tiny slivers: First and foremost, gardening is extremely cathartic. Not to mention that growing something living from a dried seed absolutely blows my mind on some level. And...You don't need a green thumb, or a yard to grow stuff. You just need a pot, seeds, dirt, care, and a bit of patience. Growing herbs is fast and easy and there are a lot of neat little things you can do with them. 

For instance, plucking a few leaves and setting them with water in an ice tray to make fragrant and beautiful icecubes. Try sitting outside enjoying a glass of iced tea or lemonade with lemon verbena or mint ice cubes. Focusing on the breeze, the sun, and the taste and smell. All from something you created. Enjoy your Tiny Sliver.