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The Difficult Balance between Being a Successful Business Woman and a Good Mom.

While it is amazing to look at the social change that has occurred regarding women over the past 100 years, it has also brought more challenges. More women are educated, working, and successful. This means more opportunity and growth. We've gained a lot, yet still remains old roles and responsibilities. For those who choose to embark on a career, it often means adding this role to the also existing more traditional responsibilities. While every household/family is different, most of the women I know with busy careers still remain responsible for maintaining the household, the schedules, and meals--exponential when you throw kids into the mix. The dynamic can of course may different in a household with two moms.

Well, cloning would be an easy solution, but seeing how that is not yet a viable option, here are a few tips:

1. Don't think "other women seem to have it all together and balance so easily. Why can't I." Some women may make it look easy, but it isn't; it's tough.

2. Talk with your partner about splitting duties. Women sometimes feel compelled to do it all in order to not burden the other, or to keep from appearing a "failure." If you can swing it, try budgeting in help with some of the less fun duties so that you can enjoy your time--being alleviated of having to clean the house or cook can be priceless. Good communication and mutual support are great. If you don't feel you have this in your relationship, work on trying to obtain it--together.

3. Manage your schedule with precision. Be organized and consistent. Find spots where time is wasted/less efficient and try restructuring it.

4. Compartmentalize by practicing mindfulness so that when you are at work, your not thinking about kids and when you are with family, you're not thinking about work. This will help you not only be more fulfilled, but also more efficient.

Original article written by F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.

Here is a great article in Psychology Today if you want to read more. Will working moms ever have balance?